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Welcome to Specialty !

Established in 1993 by a Registered Nurse and Certified by The Joint Commission since 2007, Specialty Professional Services, Corp continues to provide quality temporary nursing services to acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, schools, rehabilitation centers, correctional centers and private institutions located throughout the New York Metropolitan region. After having successfully filled over 2,000,000 (2.0 million) shifts over the past 24 years, Specialty has also been able to consistently maintain a reputation for outstanding service. Specialty continues to expand its regional and national presence by expanding into new markets and by employing more top-tier healthcare professionals like you.

Since our inception, our priority is to provide our healthcare professionals personal and professional satisfaction. We also provide the patient with the highest quality of care possible. Our excellent service, fast response, competitive pay & benefits along with a large selection of assignments are contributing factors as to why our healthcare professionals choose to use Specialty as their employer.

Should an employee have any concerns regarding Patient Care or Safety, he or she is encouraged to contact the management at Specialty Professional Services, Corp. If the concerns cannot be resolved through Specialty Professional Services and the client, the individual is encouraged to contact the Joint Commission at 630-792-3700 (Sentinel event Hotline) or by simply visiting the Joint Commission website. Specialty Professional Services, Corp  will not take any retaliatory and/or disciplinary action against an employee should they report any safety or quality care concerns to the Joint Commission.