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Mail / Fax Application

You will find all the necessary documents to download to either mail back or fax back. Remember, the sooner we get your paperwork, the sooner we can get you working.

Apply By Phone:

TOLL FREE: 800-863-3666

Hours Of Operations:
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
Saturday- 9am - 6pm (by appointment only)
Sunday- 9am - 6pm (by appointment only)

Apply By Mail/Fax:

1. Click On The Application and Reference Form Below.

    Employment Application (Word Doc)
    Employment Application (PDF)
    Electronic Charting Systems
    Letter of Reference (2 Required)

2. Print Out Our Forms

3. Completly Fill Out The Application And Reference Forms

4. Mail Or Fax Both Documents To:

       17-20 Whitestone Expressway, Suite 303
       Whitestone, NY 11357
       FAX: 718-225-9421 or 646-736-0190